Tips On Cleaning Your Clearomizer

clearomizerSome of the tell tale signs of a clearomizer that needs to be cleaned include burnt taste, flavor ghosting and inefficient vapor production. These symptoms usually occur after you have utilized your clearomizer for anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks. At this point most people would elect to throw away their clearomizer and elect to get a new one. However, this very fact, stands as a testament to the quality of KangerTech’s products, as all our clearomizers are designed to be cleaned and reused, which ensures durability and cost effectiveness. You can get your Kanger subtank mini here. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to cleaning your KangerTech clearomizer.

One of the most important aspects of cleaning your clearomizer, is to the ensure that you get rid of any excess “juice” that may have accumulated in the form of a soft gunk. To get rid of this, simply fill your tank half way up with warm water, put your thumb over the tank and vigorously shake it so that it can dissolve and loosen up the gunk. Repeat this process 3-4 times or until all traces of the residue has be removed.

Flavor Ghosting
As mentioned before, another telltale sign that indicates that your clearomizer needs to be cleaned, is the ghosting of flavors. This usually occurs if you have a profound love for several different flavors as to which you alternate on a regular basis. However, to prevent the occurrence of flavor ghosting you can utilize alcohol or lemon juice as an effective solution. Simply pour some alcohol or lemon juice, into the tank after you have washed it out with lukewarm water.

Clean The Coil
The last part of your clearomizer that you will need to clean, in order for you to ensure that your vapor production levels remains the same is the coil. As you continuously vape, the coil naturally accumulates a thick layer of gunk. By cleaning this gunk away, the flavors you experience will feel more rejuvenating and your vapor clouds will be thicker.

In order for you to clean the coil, you will need to “dry it,” so that the gunk will harden and fall off easily. To dry your coil, simply heat your coil in 4-5 second bursts and watch as the gunk hardens and sizzle. While you are doing this, each and every time the gunk sizzles, gently blow on it. After approximately 1-2 minutes, your coil should become brighter and the sizzle will gradually decline, this indicates that the coil has been cleaned.